A great adventure is about to begin!

Pregnancy is a special time of women’s life. Being pregnant is such an amazing time and more and more mommies-to-be want professional images of their beautiful baby bump. Many pregnant mamas are nervous about the thought of a photo shoot featuring their changing bodies at a time when they don’t always feel their best - but with a little preparation and a photographer you trust, you will not only enjoy the process, but be so glad that you took the time to document the beginning of your new baby’s story. 

There’s no better way to remember your pregnancy and capture the journey to motherhood than a professional maternity photo shoot. Here are a few tips to help you look and feel your best in your maternity photo shoot. I hope it helps!- 


For most mamas, anywhere between 32-36 weeks is ideal. The goal is a nice round belly while you are still feeling great and not too swollen or uncomfortable. However, listen to your body! Everyone carries differently and you should schedule accordingly. Moms of multiples will typically schedule their session a few weeks earlier.


The essential rule is to wear clothing that makes you feel beautiful. If you feel confident, that will shine through in your photos. Solid colors, maxi dresses, and open necklines are universally flattering. Make sure that you choose fabrics and silhouettes that hug your curves and show off the belly. A thin belt just under the bust can give shape to looser dresses or shirts. Layers like scarves, cardigans, and jackets along with accessories can change up your look without the need for changing your outfit. 

Make up

I always recommend that you hire a professional for makeup and hair the day of the shoot. A great makeup artist knows what products to use for camera and can do any look you choose from completely natural to more dramatic. Don’t choose a look that is drastically different than normal. You want to feel like yourself, only more polished. 


It’s very nice to choose a locations that have meaning to you - your home, a family farm, the place you got engaged or married, or a favorite park.You can also suggest an idea of what kind of feeling you’d like in the photos - urban/edgy, pastoral/romantic, etc. and choose a location from there. 


Siblings and pets: many expectant mamas want to include their partner, other children, or even their pets. I think including people and pets you love is a wonderful thing for your portraits! If you are including siblings and/or pets, it’s often a good idea to take photographs with them first (while they are “fresh” and most excited), then have a grandparent or friend pick them up so you can relax and finish the shoot with your partner or alone.

Prep Time

Remember to reserve plenty of time for getting ready. Enjoy the process without feeling rushed or stressed. If you’re driving to the session with your loved one, talk about happy baby thoughts on the way there. This is a special time for reflection; if you’re in that mood it will come through naturally in your images.


Props rock! Bring anything that could even potentially be used:) Baby booties, cute outfits, ultra-sound images, name blocks just to give a few ideas:) 

I hope this helps to calm any fears and get you even more excited about your sessions!!

I are so excited to meet you!

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