It’s your senior year!! "Graduation is not the end, it's the beginning" ~ Orrin Hatch

This is your one and only one time in your life, so soak it all in, enjoy every moment. It’s such an incredible time full of memories that will last forever: growing, planning, senior events, college nights, campus visits and big decisions.

I want you to know that I have been exactly where you are. I remember my own senior year like it was yesterday! I loved everything about it, except I wasn’t lucky to have my portraits taken, except the boring ones with uniforms. I guess it wasn’t a thing those days.

So my goal as your photographer is to capture you, your personality, your interest and hobbies. I attempt to show you the best version of yourself and create images that reflect who You really are.

Top 10 TIPS how to rock your senior session:

- I suggest keep it simple and sweet.

- Make up: professional make up is not required, however it’s recommended. Wear a    foundation makeup that doesn’t have oil in it. Don’t use makeup with spf protection in it for your session. Foundation that contains spf protection has a reflective quality, it looks shiny in photos.

- Wardrobe: keep all options in line but I suggest something casual and cozy, something you will feel confident and that will reflect your style. Think about colors that compliment your skin tones, your eyes. Try to avoid busy patterns that will distract from You. Don’t forget shoes/boots and socks to to go with your outfit.

- Nails and Polish: don’t forget to remove chipped nail polish - it will show. Girls should really stick to neutral tones.

- Jewelry: it’s nice to include special or important jewelry in your portraits however keep in mind that too much jewelry can be distracting. Pendant type necklaces will be tough to keep in the proper place when you move around as you pose.

- Hair: don’t use a lot of hairspray, gel or other product in your hair. Your hair should move with you when you tilt your head and blow nicely in the breeze. Don’t get a last minute haircut or hairstyle change, give your hair some time to grow from the haircut.

- Sun Tanning: don't spray tan before a session, it will photograph orange and it will probably be darker in the knees, elbows, hairline. Suntan lines are tricky so you should vary your shirt sleeves and bathing suit tops when tanning to avoid lines.

- What to bring: bring more outfits than you need, that way we can pick outfits that are more flattering. Try to be prepared to change outfits quickly. Always helpful to have a friend or family member to help fix hair or outfits. They also know you best and can say or do the ridiculous things to make you laugh!

- Props: whatever your hobbies or talents may be, bring some kind of fun prop that describes You! Guitar/musical instrument, books, hats/fashion, sports, etc. Including a tribute to family and culture is so special too. Phone: Take your phone and blast your favorite music the entire session. It will keep you relaxed, and we will get great smiles, laughs and sometimes dancing.

- Phone: take your phone and blast your favorite music the entire session. It will keep you relaxed, and we will get great smiles, laughs and sometimes dancing.

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